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Connecticut Contractor
Residential and Commercial


Answers to your questions

Is there a fee for estimates?

There is no charge – all estimates are free. Franklin Aguayo, owner of Leykamsh Construction, LLC personally prepares your estimate, allowing you the benefit of his 25 years of experience, as well as the assurance that the same person creating your estimate is personally overseeing the job.  We do not use outside estimators.

Do I need to get the building permit?

It’s your choice. Fees for getting the building permit(s) are usually included in the estimate, but some homeowners, interested in keeping their costs down, will let us know in advance that they prefer to go to their local City/Town Building Department and get the permit themselves. In this case, we can assist you on what permit you will need and how to obtain it.

Is your work guaranteed?

Leykamsh Construction Company guarantees all work for one year.

How do I know that the work has been done right?

In every construction project there are different phases which go in a systematic order. After completion of each phase, work needs to be examined by the city/town building inspector. They work in your favor, making sure that the project is built to construction standards and that it meets or surpasses the minimum building code requirements.

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